Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yoga, a process of intense enthusiasm !

Many translate Yoga as “union”. Please understand, Yoga is not “union”. It is “uniting”. Yoga is not a noun. Yoga is a verb. Yoga is not an end result. It is a process of intense enthusiasm.
Krishna says in Gita clearly that Yoga is what you have to be, without expectations and without attachments. It is not doing but being.
There is nothing to achieve by practicing Yoga. You will be shocked to hear this. Many people have told you that Yoga will cure you of asthma, it will cure you of chronic pain, it will cure you of high blood pressure and so on. Perhaps it does; but not because of what you practice, but because you believe.
Especially in the West, Yoga is sold as a product; either a cheap or expensive product depending on where the teacher is located. If you practice this asana, they say, you will be cured of this and that. It has become a prescription medicine.
I saw an advertisement for an instant Super-luxury Kundalini Yoga offered at thousands of dollars. Patanjali, who formulated the technique of Yoga, will roll in his samadhi if he comes to know about it ! The only person who benefits is the advertiser, not the user.
It is the process of Yoga, the practice of Yoga that unites the mind-body-spirit system. What unites is not the exercises the you perform. This again will shock you. It is the intention. You create a memory in your muscles and that gets embedded.
It is essential to start any Yoga practice with a clear intention of what you wish; it may be health, it may be enlightenment; whatever it is make a positive intention. Before you perform the asana , the exercise, with full awareness of that intent visualise the posture you plan to adopt. Go through in your mind every step of that asana. Then practice that asana.
Just by sitting comfortably in any position with your spine erect to allow energy flow you can derive the result of any asana through intention and visualization. This is the truth. However, that is too simple for you to believe. You need something more tangible, more strenuous to prove to yourself that Yoga works.
Then, practice Surya Namaskar, the most integrated of all Yogasana. Start with a clear intent, visualise all steps and do the process. You need nothing more. This is what we teach in our Nithya Yoga programmes. Be in Bliss.

-- Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
(As published in Economic times)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Be Positive!

All of us have heard this phrase “Be positive” from childhood. Some take the meaning “ to be optimistic” for it. But it has more meaning to it.
For example, have you noticed what we repeat to ourselves in mind when we suffer from a headache? “I want to get rid of this headache” and if we give more attention to the mind, we will realize that our mind is constantly repeating it. Without our knowledge we are constantly remembering headache. The more we repeat the word “headache” in mind, the more power we are supplying to that word. So in this case, we intended a positive outcome, but verbalized it negative.

Here, “to be positive” in the true sense is to be positive even inside your mind. Tell yourself “I should become healthy” and allow mind to repeat that. When we are repeating ‘I should become healthy’, again and again we will be remembering our health or well being and therefore the idea of health will be given tremendous power. Allowing only positivism into mind is the short cut to emotional and physical health.

Some Q&A with Nithyananda:

Question: Master, I sometimes find it difficult to sleep. If I repeat at night, ‘I have to sleep’, would this be considered as a positive engram or a negative engram?

Answer: I would actually recommend simply repeating, ‘I’ll sleep’. Furthermore, these words will have one thousand times more power and effectiveness if you consciously repeat them with your awareness, which will filter into your unconsciousness. Always be careful and be aware. Avoid allowing a single negative word into your unconsciousness.

Question: Master, I believe that at times people might be afraid to say something positive because they might not get it in the time that they are expecting it, and they are afraid.

Answer: With that fear, they are only repeating negative words and it will only result in negativity. Whether we actually receive what we are asking for or not is secondary. Be aware, that by repeating the negativity, we are not going to get the positive result; however, we will simply create more trouble for ourselves.

Negativity is not the substitute for when we don’t receive the positive things. At least with positive engrams, we have a hope. The hope itself will give us enough energy to move on our path. It will pull our life. However, with negativity only the hope itself is over. There is no way of moving. We will simply be stuck. We will be in tamas (inertia). You would rather be in rajas (active).

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A chill out technique

I came across an advertisement last week. "What do you want to do after a long stressful day at work?
Come and chill out with us over the best beer and music in the city. Special one for one offer on weekdays"

Does this mean that weekday is long and stressful and people want to forget what happened during the day before going to bed. But, why?
We want to consume alcohol to feel light but we don't care of the fact that it can affect our system. Consuming alcohol would just make you feel light at that moment and all the stress will come back the moment its effect goes off.

Why not find out techniques which will make us feel light not just when we sit over a drink, but 24 hours a day. How beautiful it would be if we don't have to consume alcohol to feel light.

When I went for Nithya Yoga after work one day I realized that I have found such a technique.
Before going for the classes, I had a lot of inertia. My mind told me that I as it is had a long day and I should be going home and just relax, beer, TV, curl on a sofa, whatever.
Once I reached the class, I didn't regret my decision to go that day. The great harmonious flow of Nithya Yoga made me feel light.
Each and every cell was oozing with energy by the time we finished the dynamic meditation and doing a few rounds of surya namaskar was a breeze. That day when I reached home, I felt how different it is to come home with all the energy than just be ready to curl in the sofa in front of the TV.

Let us be cheerful and energetic through out... 24/7.
To work is not to be back home ready to lie down or drink alcohol.

Friday, July 20, 2007

‘Yoga is not physical exercise. Yoga is not breath control. It is an integration of body, mind and spirit to awaken our true nature.’ -Nithyanada

The purpose of Nithya Yoga is to experience our birthright – which is bliss. We must ‘unclutch’ from old and negative beliefs and insert
positive beliefs into our system; working towards bliss, experiencing bliss and expressing bliss.
The capacity to experience bliss will just explode in our inner space and the capacity to radiate bliss will start happening in our body.

If we look deeply into ourselves, we can see that we never feel relaxed and never feel comfortable with our own body.
When we look at someone else and decide that they are beautiful and we feel we actually want to look like them, immediately
we create a gap between ourselves and our bodies. We put a wedge between ourselves and our body.
In India, when they break large pieces of wood, they will insert a wedge so that the two pieces won’t reunite.
Similarly, when we start believing that we are not beautiful, we insert a wedge between ourselves and our body, and there is less chance of us
reuniting with our body.

A male feeling attracted towards a female or vice versa is completely normal. However, if a male looks at another male
who is a model and immediately feels he would like to look like he does, this is not natural. If a female looks at another
female who is a model and immediately feels she would like to look like her, understand, there is something seriously wrong in your Being.
Once we can relax with the idea that we are all created differently in our own unique way, we will start to experience a tremendous homely
feeling within our body.

There is no scale of beauty; however, we all have an idea, a scale, a certain set of measurements we continuously believe we need to match.
If God were an engineer, he would have created moulds of Miss World and Mister World and commenced a mass production.
He would have simply made all of us the same, from the same mould. However, God is not an engineer, he is an artist.
He carves every one of us. He paints every one of us. We are all unique. Be very clear, we are not equal but unique.
The very idea that everyone is equal is totally wrong.

If we look deeply into our Being, we constantly feel uneasy with our body and this uneasiness is the root cause for all of our diseases.
We avoid the body. All of our pain and disease is nothing but our body asking for our presence, our energy and our attention.
If we concentrate on giving attention to our body, naturally there will not be any problems.
We all know, if we don’t give enough attention to our home, it will fall apart.
Our body is our home, therefore, to prevent it falling to pieces, start giving it some attention, some energy and some love.

Question: Master, how do we pay attention to our body?

Answer: We spend at least 2–3 hours a day with our body. We shower, groom, brush our teeth, dress ourselves, and eat.
However, if we observe ourselves closely while undertaking these activities directly related to our bodies, we are never inside our boundary.
Essentially, we are never actually in tune with or feeling how our body is responding to these activities.

It is obvious. When we are brushing our teeth, we are thinking about our business. When we are showering, we are thinking about our patients.
Surely we cannot examine your patients while we are in the shower! Therefore, while we are doing anything related to our body, simply we should be there
inside our boundary. Have no thought about anyone or anything. Nothing else! Just decide we will be inside our own body.

However, most of us don’t really want to be with our bodies. If we see our routines, we will do everything possible to avoid looking at our bodies.
We avoid looking at them deeply, penetrating them. We find it impossible to relax with our body. Instead, we will bend over backwards in an attempt to
change our bodies and resultantly end up depressed, upset and frustrated by being unable to meet the high standard of beauty, society has imposed on us.

The moment we actually start accepting our body for what it is, the moment we relax with our body, we achieve something far greater than beauty and that
is grace. It is not beauty, it is grace. Beauty comes from make up and plastic surgery. Grace comes from accepting and relaxing with ourselves.

In the Indian epic Ramayana, it is told that when the daughter of Janaka, Sita, walked into the court of Janaka, everyone including the great sages and Janaka
himself stood up to pay their respect to her. Sita, the daughter of Janaka, simply exuded such an amazing grace that she was highly admired and respected.

We need to relax within ourselves. Everyday, whenever we find ourselves doing anything related to our body, we should decide to be inside our boundary.
We should avoid thinking about anything or anyone else. We should witness what is happening within our body and how our body is responding. When we
brush our teeth, we should witness how our mouth is feeling. When we have our shower, we should become aware of how our body is responding to the
sensation of the water. When we dress ourselves, we need to notice how our body is feeling. Understand, our body responds to every single thought
created by our mind. We have the ability to restructure our whole body with our mind.

In the East, there is a beautiful philosophy known as samudrika lakshana. The theory encompasses how our entire mind can be studied. A person who has
mastered this art can understand the exact nature of a person’s mind, simply by visually observing their body; reason being, the body is an expression of
our mind. Our body is created by our mind.

> From talks on Yoga given to Professionals by Nithyananda in the USA, 2005

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Intent, Visualize - Everything's Possible !

When I went for Nithya Yoga classes in Singapore, our teachers gave us a hand-out with about 12 postures drawn on it and each are supposed to be done 6 times. My mind immediately started calculating, which means 72 times! How long will it take, I have not even had breakfast and I have a huge stomach after the c-section and nice tiers around my tummy. How can I bend and touch the floor...Even in the yoga shown in television, they don’t do more than 3-4 postures in 30 minutes!!!!
Teachers said encouragingly, just “Intent and Visualize” and do it as you can. To my surprise I could do even the most complicated postures (as it appeared to me in the beginning) with much ease and grace. Nithya Yoga has an intelligent sequence; each posture prepared me for the next. It gave me the confidence that I can do anything even the most impossible as it would look with the right “Intention and Visualization”.

Now you may tell me … no way! I cannot believe this. Ok, try this simple experiment yourself.
Stand straight; raise your right hand and point at something straight in front. Now look at the pointed index finger and turn your body clockwise, rotate as much as you can within your comfort level and mark where you reached, come back to normal position. Now, visualize in your mind you rotating clockwise as much as you can. Come back to normal position in mind. Now repeat what you did earlier with the pointed finger. See the difference yourself. In my 1st attempt, I could rotate only about 200 degrees and after the visualization, I turned about 320 degrees. This is the power of visualization in such a small activity.

Let me copy and paste a few words of Nithyananda ,the architect of Nithya Yoga himself,” One of the beautiful revelations in Nithya Yoga, and the effectiveness of it, depends completely on our intention.

Whether we believe it or not, we are an expression of our own self-hypnosis! Anyway we move the body with the faith that this or that will happen in us, simply it will start expressing in us. The way in which we choose to move our body with this intention is irrelevant. If we wish to practice yoga postures with the intention and belief that we are blissful, this is what will be inscribed in our system and start expressing. “

Did you watch the movie “The secret” which talks about the power intention and visualization can have in your life? Well, the right intention and visualization can bring almost anything to us if done in a meditative state. When I visualized each of the postures before I actually did it with the right intention I could actually do all the postures gracefully. And when I tried to pick one posture without really following the real harmonious flow as described in Nithya Yoga, my body refused to do it, I was not comfortable.

So here I am with these great insights of Nithya Yoga.
1. Intent and Visualize in a meditative state ... Everything is possible to you.
2. Yoga postures are best done as the harmonious and intelligent sequence as described by the original yoga architects. Anyone can do it, may you be 6 or 60.

Thanks Nithyananda, you are amazing.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Life Energy taken in your breath energizes everything inside you!

When we breathe in it is not just air, it is the life energy. It gives life to whatever is inside you. It gives life energy to each and every cell in your system. It gives life energy to everything in you -- good and bad.
This is a basic concept many of us never thought about. Life energy is giving life to everything. Which means that if you are depressed, as you breath, you give more life to your depression.

Nithya Yoga is conceptualized keeping this aspect of breathing in mind. Hence, before breathing techniques are done in Nithya Yoga a cleansing of mind-body system is done using dynamic meditation.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just relax and stop connecting thoughts

Sit down for ten minutes with a pen and paper. Now, just start jotting down whatever comes in your mind. Please do not edit your thoughts; write them down as it is. Do not judge yourself and try to control what comes in your mind. If you try to judge, you are playing a hypocritical game with yourself, that’s all. Just write down whatever comes.
Now, read whatever you have written. You can see for yourself how unconnected, illogical your thoughts are!
For example, if you see a dog in the street, suddenly you remember your pet you used to play with as a child. Then you will remember your teacher you studied with as a child, then, where your teacher used to stay.
If you look at your thoughts, you will see logically that the dog in street and the teacher are not connected. There is no logical connection, but simply your mind flows. If you look a little deeper you will understand your thoughts are illogical, independent, unconnected.
Constantly you are connecting all your thoughts and creating shafts in your mind. For example, the headache that happened 10 years ago, the headache that happened 9 years ago, the headache that happened 8 years ago, the headache that happened yesterday, they are all independent experiences that happened in your life.
For the sake of easy reference, you categorize all these experiences in your mind into one category of headache. It is archived just for utility purpose, to serve as reference. Just like how you file documents in your office in various categories, in various files. But, what happens? By and by, you start believing that all these experiences are connected. When you start believing they are connected you create a shaft.
If you connect all the painful memories, you create a pain shaft: ‘My life is pain.’ You start believing your whole life is a chain of suffering, a long chain of suffering.
Whatever you believe, you expand it. If you believe something, you will again and again see that in your life. That is why ancient sages said in Vedas that you create what you want. You create what you desire. What ever you believe you will create it, you will expand it.
Once you start believing your life is pain, you are waiting unconsciously for painful incidents to strengthen that belief, to strengthen that judgment.

Our mind should not be regarded as a dilemma. It should be regarded as a pure inner space, free from negativity and full of awareness. Let thoughts rise and fall naturally, like bubbles in a fish tank, not one connected to another. Destroy the false notion of connectivity of thoughts and reach the state of the present moment, the state of no mind, and the state of dropping thoughts.

Just relax and stop connecting and suddenly you will see such a deep inner healing happening in you, such a deep peace happening in you. Suddenly you will see you have dropped out of the war, the constant running. Just relax.
When you become a drop out, when you drop out of this war, when you drop from this whole game, suddenly you realize the whole thing is just a psychodrama happening. Because you are constantly supporting it, you are creating these shafts.

Some people would say, ‘I fail when I try to be in present’. Why are you connecting your past failure with your present failure? When you connect all the past failures, you create one more word, ‘failure’. The failure that happened 9 years ago, the failure that happened 8 years ago, the failure that happened yesterday are independent incidents. Why do you connect all of them and create the next experience also?

Try this simple meditation:
Just close your eyes. Whatever words are rising in you just let them rise. Just do not connect them with any other thought. Just don’t create a shaft.
If you feel bored, or if your mind asks what to do, do not even connect with that thought. Do not create, maintain, or destroy thoughts.
Try this for a few minutes and you can see the effect for yourself.

From the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, The great enlightened Master.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We are the creator, sustainer and destroyer of our body – Learn the Nithya Yoga way!

‘We are what our perceptions are; as are our perceptions, so become our actions; as are our actions, so becomes our destiny.’
This quote is from Dr Bruce Lipton’s classic ‘Biology of Beliefs.’ Bruce Lipton is a celebrated molecular cellular biologist who has rewritten the basic tenets of how cells behave. We have all been taught that we behave the way our genes are designed. Dr Lipton disagrees. He declares that the design of our genes is determined by the way we behave.

We are the creators of our own reality. Whatever is repeated in our mind is projected as our reality. Whatever we believe we are, that is what we are. If we believe that we are depressed, we will be depressed. If we believe that we are wonderful, we will be wonderful.

We ultimately have the power to reprogram and rewire ourselves, to transform a cellular structure, to redesign our genes, our body and therefore, our lives. This is a truth that the Eastern sages and mystics who practiced the inner science knew tens of thousands of years ago and they recorded it in the scriptures. What may have been heresy to scientists a decade ago is now the truth that is being slowly accepted.

The reason we have this body is to achieve the ‘zone of intelligence’, which resides within. This is the goal. Our body is alive and functioning primarily to reach this space in which we can experience a deep and restful awareness, bliss. Although this is our birthright, we don’t experience that .Why?

We accumulate too many negative emotions in our system. Our body is not simply material as it appears to be; again, it is energy and has the capacity to hold thoughts and memories, both negative and positive.

We never think we are good enough physically; another major reason that postpones our enjoyment and expression of our true nature of bliss. We all have the idea that we are not enough unto ourselves. We are continuously made to believe by society that we are not beautiful. The moment we start actually believing that we are not beautiful, we start hiding behind cosmetics. At a more extreme level, some will try to alter their bodies through plastic surgery.

There is no scale of beauty; however, we all have an idea, a scale, a certain set of measurements we continuously believe we need to match. If God were an engineer, he would have created moulds of Miss World and Mister World and commenced a mass production. He would have simply made all of us the same, from the same mould. However, God is not an engineer, he is an artist. He carves every one of us. He paints every one of us. We are all unique. Be very clear, we are not equal but unique. The very idea that everyone is equal is totally wrong.

Whether we believe it or not, we are an expression of self-hypnosis. Whichever way we move the body with the faith that this or that will happen in us, simply it will start expressing in us. The way in which we choose to move our body is irrelevant. If we wish to practice yoga with the intention and belief that we are blissful, this is what will be inscribed in our system and start expressing.

In the practice of Nithya Yoga, the simple technique of visualizing our body as a ‘bliss bag’ is used. When we get up in the morning, we imagine that our body is a ‘bliss bag’ and simply we move our body for 10 minutes in whatever way we wish. Whether we bend this way or that way, practice a certain posture or stand on our head, the way in which you move isn’t important. What is important is our intention. Simply, we visualize our body as a bliss bag and move it in any fashion for just 10 minutes.
We will see that our body becomes matured and holds that intention, that bliss for a long time. We will remain in that same state of higher consciousness for a remarkably longer time; even ordinary sitting. If we choose to sit on a lounge chair and we believe that by sitting, we will have health and then we sit solely for health, simply we will see the health happening in us.

- From Nithyananda's teachings to a set of professionals in US

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wellness is not about torturing your body

How do you know when the struggle for fitness turns into signs of wellness? Or whether it results in body trauma?

If you are one of those to whom punishing the body is the surest path to making yourself well, then think again. Jogging like a fanatic causes trauma not fitness; medical evidence shows damage to your limbs and even to your heart. Lifting weights may make some of your muscles show off, and ok if you are training to be Mr. Universe, but if unbalanced can hurt you as many before you have discovered.

Your body needs to be respected, not tortured. Struggle for what you think as fitness cannot be the path of hurting yourself. That is the reason thousands of young women starve themselves and throw up what little they eat, and endure bulimia, in the quest to look thin and attractive. In the process they damage themselves, both in body and mind irretrievably.

Being thin or fat, or being short or tall, does not mean fitness, in as much as fitness reflects wellness. You can be thin and unwell, and fat and well. Some of it depends on how the body is maintained, but a lot of it depends on how the mind is maintained. Your body follows the mind, not the other way around. You can truly think your way into fitness.

Over the last few weeks I have been going through an amazing experience that has changed the way I think about my body. Without effort I have been able to do with my body I have not dared to do for years now. I have not been able to sit on the floor for many years now. I had an injury to my knee, and folding my knees created pain. As I went through this incredible program, I started sitting on the floor without even thinking about it. I was able to move my body in ways I would have never dared to earlier.

This program is called Nithya Yoga and is now being taught in Singapore. It has been developed by a great Master, who I met hardly a year ago and whose teachings had tremendously influenced me. Now this physical, or what I thought was physical, exercise enabled me to do things with my body based on how influenced my mind.

Nithya yoga is unlike any other yoga that I have done, read or watched. It has nothing do with torturing your body in complicated postures or practicing in high heat and sweating. There is no emphasis on controlling your breath in order to cure one illness or another.

Nithyananda, creator of Nithya Yoga says:

"Twisting body into pretzel-like poses is simply that. It is not yoga.
People often think that yoga is all about physical exercise and breath control. They can be concluding this from the poses that a Yogi, practitioner of Yoga, maintains. The expertise with which a yogi performs and maintains the positions appears to them as yet another kind of physical activity.

But this is the last thing Yoga was meant to be! It is a far cry from what yoga is all about. Yoga has many deeper levels. At every level, a marvelous and almost miraculous blending of the mind and the body takes place.

Let us watch our mind at work. It does not move in a linear progression. The thoughts are not connected to each other logically or sequentially. Thoughts jump from one idea to the next. One thought keeps us in the present, while the successive thought can be in future.

In an advanced yoga practitioner, the mind and the body are in balance and harmony. The regular practice of yoga leads us from the body into our mind. Intense practice of yoga leads us beyond the mind. It will lead us beyond the body and mind into a state of our spirit where we become aware of the truth of our Existence.

Yoga, a Sanskrit word, is understood to mean Union. This union refers to the melting of human self with the divine or the Cosmic Power. Truly speaking, Yoga does not mean Union, it means Uniting. Yoga is the process of Uniting, not the end result of Union.
The process of Uniting helps transcend one’s identification with the mind body system. A Yogi transcends the body and mind identification through a process of meditation, into a true awareness of his spiritual identity. His mind and body are perfectly in-tune with the vibrations and energies of the cosmos.

This awareness brings another welcome side effect—bliss! We now walk the path of bliss or Ananda while doing our Yoga. The ever blissful union of the cosmic energy with a human mind is Ananda Yoga.

The bliss that results from practice of Yoga is not a goal or end result that is aimed at. It is an experience of just walking the path of Yoga. When the path is right, the Yogi says, the destination you reach is always right, it is always blissful.
This is what is taught in Nithya Yoga programs."

It is not necessary for any one to understand the philosophy behind what this great Master says to derive the effects of Nithya Yoga. There are people in the class who had never heard of him before, and they experienced the same transformational experiences that I did.

One of the meditation techniques we use in Nithya Yoga is based on Vipassana, the Buddhist meditation. Here is how it is done.

Sit comfortably, either in a chair or cross legged on the floor, with your spine, neck and head in one line. Relax completely. Close your eyes. Now, watch your breath. Do not try to control, just witness your breath. Watch the way the breathe moves in and out, some times from one nostril, some times from another.

Focus on the upper lip and the breath. Witness the way the breath moves on the upper lip, over different parts. Note the flow, the temperature and the texture. Note the way it changes again and again.

Watch the breath and do nothing else for 20 minutes. You will find your attention moving inwards. What you may hear from outside will no longer bother you. You will be a witness. You will be centered.

written by Mr.Joseph Guan, PhD, Energy Psychologist after doing Nithya Yoga course.

Monday, June 4, 2007

A great system of yoga in Singapore

A new system of Yoga was introduced world wide in 2007 - the Nithya Yoga. Singapore is fortunate to have some Nithya Yoga teachers here dedicated to teaching aspirants this system. They have successfully produced 20 graduates in 2 months and people who learned this include Yoga teachers, psychologists, software engineers, housewives ... all have just one thing to say -- This is amazing.

"For a long time, I was a lost soul in Patanjali's 8 limbs of yoga, Nithya Yoga put everything in perspective for me" says Siew Yong, a yoga teacher for more than 6.5 years.

Nithya Yoga is designed by the living enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. No wonder this is so amazing....... things have all been amazing when it comes to him. Nithyananda founded his academy with the mission of spreading bliss in 2003 and in 3 years they have 1000 centers in 30 countries, 30 meditation academies, 8000 healers, thousands of teachers and hundred thousands of people who have been touched by his healing hands. It is a health and bliss storm he is creating worldwide!

Yoga was devised by the great sage Patanjali about 5000 years back based on the principle that mind controls the mind-body system and its well being. The focus of ancient yoga was therefore on the mind, and the healing energy that was released through this practice resulted naturally into postures and breathing patterns. It may be a shock to all of us who have been focusing on that 'perfect posture' to know that mere practice of posture cannot influence the wellbeing of mind-body system completely.

Nithyananda designed Nithya Yoga adapting the concepts of Patanjali's Ashtanga yoga making it relevant for today's lifestyle. In patanjali's age, when a human being was told to sit and focus his mind, he could do it in 5 minutes, but it is not easy for the modern man with the ever-changing busy and stressful environment. Electronic mails to be answered every minute, sms coming in, phone calls, online news, we are bombarded with information and entertainment every second.

Nithya Yoga helps in the wellbeing of Mind, Body and Spirit and keeps you in the state of bliss every moment. Nithya yoga teaches it through techniques like meditation, intention and visualization.

Nithya Yoga teaches you how you can make each and every movement in your daily life to yoga. You will have the correct postures and breathing pattern every minute and thereby, you are doing yoga not just those 30 minutes every day but every moment. In the architects own words " I am not here to add more movements to your life, but to add more life to your movements".

It is nothing like what you have been taught before, it is truly the Yoga of Eternity !

For those interested in learning contact Nithyananda Arpana @ 90098645/ email:
Info on website: